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When you're afraid.....Do it anyway

So I did it! I pushed past my fears and procrastination and started a blog. Listen, this wasn’t easy. Have you ever been in an analysis paralysis? When you watch all the YouTube videos, read all the books and articles, write down all your plans and still you don’t make a move. Still you can’t seem to put one foot in front of the other to make anything happen. Well that was me.

Really what that all means is I was afraid. Fear is paralyzing. I thought I was afraid of not getting any views or what others may think of me. But let’s be real, my fears were internal. Am I good enough to do this? Will anyone find my story and knowledge valuable? And so the cycle began where I believed the lies and decided that the lies, which turned into fears was my reality. Isn’t it funny how we are so quick to believe the lies before we believe the truth. If someone compliments me I struggle to accept but if someone sheds light on my insecurities or fears it doesn’t take any longer than one second for me to believe those damaging statements. Ok, ok I digress, we can discuss that in another post.

It has taken me all of my life to figure out that fear does not simply go away. You have to be intentional. You have to pray. Most importantly I have to see myself as God sees me. Everything always looks like a mountain until you take the first steps. Then all of a sudden it looks like an ant hill.

Here is a secret that no one wants to share. DO IT AFRAID! I can guarantee you the most successful people did it afraid. There will always be doubts, fears and uncertainties so the quicker I accepted that the quicker I can began to walk in my purpose. God did not give us a spirit of fear so I remind myself of that when I am literally sleeping on my own potential.

Let’s go on this journey together. Let’s see what is on the other side of fear. I believe our greatest dreams and greatest impact are all waiting on us to let go of fear and take the first steps. To simply do it afraid and realize that fear is an illusion we allowed to take up space in our hearts and minds. We can rest assured that God will always be with us especially in our times of

fear. What are your passions? What has God been placing on your heart for years or months that you have ignored because you are afraid?

I dare you to live fearlessly!

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