Heat Caps

Why heat caps are recommendable for natural hair

Heat is very important for the hair and especially when you want your hair to look curly. There are so many sources of heat that can help you in maintaining the hair curls.

These different types of heat may not be very favorable to your body since they have different types of side effects. At Alive and Wellness Holistics, we value the health of our customers so much. Therefore, we ensure the source of what we are using to maintain the curls of our customers does not harm them in any way.

Even though our choices will take more time, the health of our customers has been always at stake here. This is why we have adopted the use of heat caps whenever we have our customers seeking our services. The following are some of the reasons why we have adopted heat caps for styling customers with natural hair.

It helps the hair dry faster

There are so many ways that we have used in the past to dry the hair of our customers. However, none of these ways have worked better than the heat caps. They work as if you were wearing a blow dryer on the head.

It perfectly sets the style of the natural hair

We encourage our customers to buy heat caps since they are very effective in styling natural hair. When you have heat caps, you can lock your hair after moisturizing it.

It is great for creating natural hair

When using hot oil treatments the heat caps seal the strands and they can also be used in deep conditioning. The heat produced by the heat caps also helps in opening up the cuticles allowing the conditioner to penetrate deeper in the strands of the natural hair.

It encourages hair growth

The heat caps help in the circulation of blood in the body. When there is proper circulation, your hair’s growth will be enhanced.